French together

With Christine Todd

Moelan sur Mer

Immersion week -end in English / FRENCH

Week end near the sea in Brittany

We had a fantastic week-end! It was in English but you can have the same in French

The guests arrived at 10 and went to choose their bedroom!

Then, we shared a cup of tea or coffee and a really good citrus cake!

after a few explanations , games etc ,  we went to Kergroes market,in MOELAN

then lunch and a nice walk along the GR34 to the lovely port of Brigneau while discussing the magnificent view on the Glénans and Groix

then back home to prepare the dinner all in English but as I said before, it could be in French !!!The recipes and advice are given in English/ French  and dicussed by all

then wine tasting and dinner before going to bed!





Our  friend Tony came to have breakfast with us and chat about his native Yorkshire. We had bacon, eggs, sausages , mushrooms , toasts and marmelade!!!

then a nice walk in Trénez and Kerfany before going to Riec to eat oysters at the huitrières du Bélon watered down with a nice muscadet

By then , it was tea time so we discussed our week end while having a cream tea!



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